Tuesday, January 10, 2012

King County REO Bank Sales By Price Range 2011

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In King County last year 33% of all the property sales were distress sales. Of that total 22% were REO Bank Sales (foreclosed properties).

In this chart (blue=2010, green-2011) we can see that sales of bank owned properties were very strong for 2011.

But the chart tells us even a bigger picture - a majority of the bank owned properties that sold were in the $100K - $200K range.

Another thing this chart tells us, is there are very few foreclosures above $399,000. Above that the the monthly sales numbers are mostly in the single digits.

What you might find interesting is the average home prices for different sales types for residential properties:

Average Sales Price 2011:
  • REO/Bank Sales: $231,598
  • Short Sale: $333,450
  • Regular Sale: $474,383

This indicates that the lower priced housing market has been the most affected by the down turn in our economy.

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