Friday, October 16, 2009

Snohomish County Residential Average Sales Prices Hold Steady

Snohomish County average residential home prices continue to show stablization as average prices have remained around $330K for the last 6 months.

King County Foreclosure Rates 2007 Through September 2009

The foreclosure rate for September in King County rose slightly over August. Foreclosure rates remain high overall but show signs of recovery as August and September are the 2 lowest foreclosure notice filing months posted so far this year. We hope the trend continues as the market continues to show show signs of stabilization.

Everett Condo Annual Sales Prices for 2004 - 2009

The sales numbers of resale condos in Everett has bounced around a bit during the year. Average monthly sales prices can be swayed easily by one or two high or low priced sales. The chart below shows a more reliable annual average for median condo prices.

These statistics only include condominiums that are at least 5 years old. The numbers tell us that on avereage, resale condo prices have come down to 2006 prices or about 15% on average since peaking in 2007 at $204,950.